Rebecca Verses Life

I'm an author of kid lit.
I love words and rhyme
and art
and all things beautiful
and fun.

I do wish there were more mystery and unanswered questions in children’s books. Sometimes, potentially good books end up being predictable and boring because they play it safe. Everything is overexplained and no risks are taken. Is this because adults, in general, are afraid that children will ask them difficult questions? I fear that’s the main reason, which worries me very much. Many adults forget that if they don’t know an answer, they can just say ‘I don’t know.’

Shawn Welcome - Civil War

Observation: When it comes to controversial issues, too many people rely on emotional manipulation rather than facts. 

If you want to appeal to someone emotionally, at least have your facts straight (and current). Lies and/or misinformation will only hurt your cause.